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The most important job a photographer can ever do.  If this isn't done right first time then there's no going back.

Most people don't understand the importance of a photographer at a wedding.  A good one will tie together the whole day, from preparation to the ceremony, to the 'usual' photographs all the way to the reception and beyond!

This kind of photographer attracts a premium, because you want to know you're getting quality.  But today we are so budget-conscious that there must be better options out there?

We provide a budget package which gives you a photographer, all your photos in watermarked electronic form and a selection of these to be provided in full-quality to do with as you wish, as well as recommendations for printing options.  This still isn't cheap, but you'll find it's very good value.

You won't even lose the important steps - a meeting prior to the wedding to discuss which style you prefer or what photos are the most important?  You'll also get the experienced advice of someone who's done this several times before, and even a friendly umbrella for the bride if the weather on the day turns a little darker than preferred.

Using a Fujifilm S5 Pro camera as my main camera (the wedding photographer's choice with great low-light options for the ceremony where flash is rarely allowed) and a backup which is great for ad-hoc phtography. I'll even bring an assistant if your needs are slightly greater!

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To book your wedding please email further details including date, venue, and number of guests expected.  If I can't photograph your wedding myself I will only recommend others whose work I know.